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Dear Courtesy Car Care, Thank you for your excellent service & care. My ride back to the Springs was smoother than ever & I know I have you, at least in part, to thank for this. You have no idea how much it meant & continues to mean to me, that my windshield wipers actually work now!!! After two years of expensive investigation on this problem, the results I am now experiencing are priceless! I now understand why my brother-in-law, Jim, has long sung the praises of "Courtesy Car Care". Thank you again for all you did for me and an extra thank you for the "Starbucks" card!!! "Bindy" and I will enjoy a Mocha, with a side of whipped cream tomorrow!!! Thank you again, Deborah

Hi, I was in last week with my Expedition (from Oregon) and you fixed the turn signal problem I was experiencing--they wouldn't work the first thing in the morning. We're in mid-California now, close to Sacramento. Just letting you know that the turn signals haven't failed to work since the tech found and fixed the problem behind the fuse panel. Were very thankful for you getting to the root of the cause and actually fixing it. Please thank your tech for us. Jim. We would love to see you comments here!


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Hello, and welcome to our web site. I'm Bob Minnick the owner of Courtesy Car Care. My Web site is informative, helpful, and fun. Explore the site, learn how to keep your vehicles in top shape, and discover the best option for your car care service. Be sure to review our "Car Maintenance Corner", there is helpful information that will assist you with automotive care and operation. Beyond the purchase of a home, your vehicles are typically the largest investments you make. My staff and I understand how important reliable transportation and trusting your maintenance service is. We want you to be safe and secure, have peace of mind, and confidence when you and your family travel. We provide excellent service, use parts that last, and our warranty can't be beat. We believe Americans are starved for honesty and true value in business. Our service is impeccable so come and discover a home for your automotive service and repair needs. I look forward to serving you for many years to come.

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Welcome to our automotive care family. Courtesy Car Care has been successfully serving Duncanville since 1988. We use the term "Courtesy" in our name because we believe good manners are bedrock principles in excellent business. Considering your situation and understanding car repairs are never convenient helps our staff provide a customer friendly atmosphere. We employ ASE certified mechanics who understand the complex technology in vehicles today. We stay current with technological developments and enjoy the challenge they bring into our shop. Keeping up to date tools and equipment to accurately diagnose and repair your car is costly; however, we are committed to provide the best service possible. As a member of the Better Business Bureau we practice tried and true customer service policies and follow its guidelines to assure excellence in business. Courtesy Care Care takes pride in a job well done every time we close the hood. Our promise to you is simple, we will always be fair, honest, and work hard to gain and keep your trust. Contact our service representative or fill out an online contact request for fast friendly service.

Fuel Mileage Tips

  • Follow recomended maintenance. A well maintained vehicle operates at peak efficiency improving perfomance, gas mileage, and driveability. Clogged fuel injectors, dirty air cleaners, or malfunctioning oxygen sensors can decrease mileage as much as 40%.
  • Keep tires properly inflated. Under inflated tires take more energy to roll and they wear out quickly. This can cost 3% at the pump.
  • Don't haul unecessary items in the cab or trunk. An extra 100 lbs. can increase fuel consumption by 2%.
  • Don't drive aggressively, your not at Daytona. Smooth driving increases gas mileage and maximizes the life of brakes and tires. For each 5 mph over 65 mph your fuel efficiency decreases 7%.
  • Use the highest gear possible. Low gears get the car moving; but, use more gas. Once the car is up to speed use the highest gear to maintain it. Low gears use more gas so don't use the sport button. It keeps your car in lower gears longer.
  • Use cruise control in flat areas. Hilly or mountainous terrain cause the cruise control to over work your car and increase fuel consumption.
  • Keep you car washed and waxed. A smooth car slices through the air with minimal drag and maximum fuel economy.
  • When stopped for longer than a few minutes, turn off your car. You get zero gas mileage sitting still.
  • When you are at higway speeds the air conditioner is more efficient than the drag the open windows cause on the car. Open the windows when you are moving slow only.
  • Plan your trips. Combine your errands and minimize miles travelled and gas used. We hope this helps!

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Courtesy Car Care

No matter what your goal is concerning your vehicles, the single best thing you can do is perform routine maintenance on them. Most of our customers are interested in at least one of the following categories:

  • Tips that save your money.
  • Make your vehicle last longer.
  • Increase the resale value of your used car, truck, or commercial vehicle.
  • Safety, reliability, and reducing the chance of breakdowns.
  • Peace of mind knowing your vehicle operates at peak performance.

No matter what your goal is, routine maintenance is the answer. At CCC we have a list of recommended services at various mileage intervals based on research and decades of practical experience. Additionally, every vehicle manufacturer specifies inspections and services at different mileage intervals. Our service consultants will look at this information to help you determine the best course of action to take based on your goals, needs, and wishes. We will post answers to your questions on this page.